iPsychiatry has expanded their outpatient behavioral health services to include telemedicine as one of the services offered. While initially designed for patients in rural areas without access to psychiatric care, our telepsychiatry Program has expanded to enable access to providers in different Emergency rooms in established hospitals, outpatient clinics in remote areas and even in some patient homes. As a result, patients are given the distinctive chance to determine a relationship with our providers who will monitor the medication. We are going to work with you and your insurance provider to verify benefits and acquire authorization for care before you start treatment. Most of the telepsychiatry sessions are coverd.

Telepsychiatry Services

We believe that in-office appointment have more effective and immediate results and is superior to a tele-video appointment. The doctor and patient relationship is very important because it should happen face-to-face to get the best treatment possible. If you're on tele-video appointment, you are liable for your own privacy, and may need to make sure that you're in an exceedingly quiet and non-public place. Finally, if there is ever an emergency scenario, you should reach to the nearest hospital instead of taking health support from our office staff via any medium. You can consider a tele-video appointment when you cannot reach to the office to see your doctor.

Below are some generic reasons that makes you unable to reach to the doctor.

  • transportation problem
  • If you are out of town
  • If you look after your sick child or any adult
  • Allergies or illness that you don’t want to spread
  • Dangerous weather and you can’t drive to the clinic