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iPsychiatry is a private psychiatrist practice in Sacramento,committed to helping people live essential and satisfying lives, no matter what encounters life serves up. Working enthusiastically with you, we have a tendency to establish customized methods to supply tangible results, so you will move towards what you truly care about.

iPsychiatry was started by Drs. Muhammad Uddin and Jawad Arif, two board certified psychiatrists and long-standing colleagues, in order to pursue their vision of creating a group practice of skilled clinicians offering a range of services to an expanded clientele. We now also provide telemedicine services to our clients. All clinicians at iPsychiatry are dedicated and veteran professionals committed to enhancing their experience in providing progressive treatments.


Telemedicine is a user friendly feature,that promotes the access of health care services to the patients remotely.

Psychiatrist in Sacramento

At iPsychiatry, we employ a continuity of care approach through collaboration between you, your providers, and your family.

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A major aspect of the treatment process for mental health disorders is going to be medication.For some. [...]

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Psychotherapy is a method of psychiatric care that uses regular personal interaction to achieve psychological. [...]

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Telepsychiatry is the use of telecommunication and information technology to provide clinical health care. [...]

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Do you realize it exhausting to pay attention? Do you end up continuously interrupting others? If these problems.[...]

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Patients Without Insurance: All patients without insurance are required to pay in full.

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Privacy and Confidentiality: Confidential maintenance of patient records is integral.

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